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C. V. Jørgensen - Indian Summer '88
Dedicated to my Mom, who would have been 80 years February 19th 2015. If she has not getting the cancer.
Mom I still love you.
Street Dancer, Aarhus
I saw this young man at a bus stop in Aarhus today. He looked so cute and cool at the same time, I could not resist the temptation to include him on video.
For good reason, I could not hear what he was listening to so I've completely random choice that he should listen to Afro Celt Sound System (s)
Steve Hackett, The Lamia
One of the most beautiful tunes i know and perfect to my work

Popol Vuh - For Eternity
Popol Vuh is an old Norwegian Progrockband

Line up: 

Jahn Teigen: Vocals 
Arne Schulze: Guitar 
Pete Knutsen: Keyboard, Guitar 
Terje Methi: Bass 
Thor Andreassen: Drums 
Pjokken Eide: Flute, Trombone

Silent weeping a child in fear at night.
Like a soldier who's lost his human raghts.
Sorrow and pain is what mankind has gained.
God please set us free
from this misery.
God please let it be - for eternity.